Gosberton WI
14th February 2023
Gosberton WI meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the Public Hall in Gosberton.

We normally have a short business meeting, an interesting speaker or demonstration and refreshments before heading home.

Tonight there is a talk on Norland Nannies (part 2). Again, this meeting will be starting at 2pm.

We get involved with various issues, nationally and those of a local interest. The issue of single use plastics is always uppermost and following the recent national pandemic, we are concerned about mental health problems and loneliness.

Ladies are always welcome to come to our meetings. For more information ring our president, Rosemary on 01775 640573 or our secretary Jeannette on 01775 841779, or why not visit the national website  www.thewi.org.uk 


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