Woodbine Bible Study Group
25th May 2020
We have been studying Bible texts with reference to their Jewish origins. The life and times of the people who were alive at the time of Jesus’ birth gives us an insight into how the western world has adapted and sometimes totally changed the ideas that we have. Add to this the problems of translation and how some words can totally change the meaning of a text,and we have got a very deep and illuminating study.
Today we have history at our fingertips. We can research any ancient documents and dig into what the historians of the time were writing. What becomes increasingly obvious is that man, particularly western man, has used the sacred texts for his own pursuance of power and control. So, this study now becomes a challenge as to what and how we should believe.
The Bible Study group has people who pray daily as individuals and we have group prayer when we are together. Looking at successful churches of all denominations, all of them have active prayer groups. That should be a strong message for us. Our parishes are dying because they are not being fed with God’s word and many people who call themselves Christian are no longer talking to Him or connected to Him in any way, even when they are at a church service. John 13 instructs us “just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.” How can we do this without God’s help? God gave us bodies so that we can live in His world. Each of us has a special skill or talent and we are expected to use that talent to God’s glory.
We need prayer, both together and personal if we are to feed ourselves and overcome the evils of the world. Prayer isn’t just for Sundays, it should be ongoing throughout the day, every day. Give thanks for all that we see around us, the sun, the rain, all the wonderful examples of God’s creation, and, yes, that person who annoys you or makes you feel small.

We build and grow our faith by what we read and discuss. We will be holidaying during August but come and join us on a Monday afternoon at 2pm.

For more information contact Mary Burton on: whgcs@btinternet.com


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