Woodbine Bible Study Group
20th January 2020
We rarely hear readings from the seven letters that follow Hebrews. Eusebious in his Ecclesiastical History first referred to them as the catholic letters (note the small c), and they have often been designated as the General letters. For the most part they are addressed to general audiences rather than to specific persons or groups. The only exceptions to this are 2 and 3 John which are written to individuals or a specific church.

We, as a general audience, have found them to be most enlightening in that they encapsulate Jesus' teaching in easy to understand sentences. The references to Gospel passages and to Paul's letters are numerous, more than any other books that we have read. This is the sort of material that we like to read. Lots of references to follow up and a wealth of historical input.

We build and grow our faith by what we read and discuss. We will be holidaying during August but come and join us on a Monday afternoon at 2pm.

For more information contact Mary Burton on: whgcs@btinternet.com


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