Local History Society
11th November 2019
The local history group meet in Gosberton Church Hall behind the parish church in Westhorpe Road every quarter. The recommended donation on entry is £1. For more information email history@gosberton.org

This month Bill Timm gives an illustrated talk of “Gosberton – A Walk Through the Past”.

Some items we want to research:
1. The Great Gosberton Maypole Mystery … the search goes on……. With May having come and gone I again caught conversations about “what’s happened to our village maypole?” It’s been said that it went to the village school but current staff say it’s definitely not there now. Anyone any clues?

2. Climbing Gosberton church spire – on the outside?
There’s an old story about a local who once climbed up the church spire to the top using the little stone projections as footholds. And of someone else who tried and failed. Anyone know more of the story?


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