Community Magazine

The Parish Magazine costs 50p per quarterly edition and is available from Gosberton Post Office, Grange Farm shop, Gosberton Medical Centre, Gosberton Church, Gosberton Church Hall, Quadring Post Office and Clough Church Hall.  

To obtain your copy on a regular basis in the Gosberton area, please forward your name and address and £2 to Ray Lindley at 119 High Street, Gosberton PE11 4NA or contact him on 841092 for more details.

You can email me articles and photos at any time or drop them through my letterbox at 61 Salem Street, Gosberton. I will be working from home, from mid October, so if you need to phone me please call 07803 875638.

Please let me have photos too. If you can’t email me a photo, let me have the original and I will scan it and let you have it back within a couple of days.

The magazine is always available at the Post Office in Gosberton, Grange Farm Produce, Gosberton church and your local magazine contact (shown on the inside cover). All the proceeds go towards publishing the next edition. 

The deadline for the next edition is always published in the current edition. 

Click here to read the current edition. This will open the magazine in a new window as a pdf, so the pages will not be in the same order as if you were reading a paper copy.


Debbie Reynolds
Community Magazine Editor

email:  deborah.reynolds90(AT - use the usual symbol) 



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