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I wanted to give you an update about our local foodbank. As you hopefully know, with the important  help of church members a food bank was launched early in the “lockdown”. With the help of local headteachers and others we found a great need amongst certain families with school children who were struggling and now a number of others isolating at home, ill at home or otherwise facing a crisis.

We have been supplying dozens of households in our own 3 parishes and also Donington and Surfleet. A small team have been buying, packing and delivering to  many corners of our villages and beyond.

We have received enthusiastic praise from the community and via the local press on a few occasions, and via our 3 local primary schools.Donations of food have come from local companies and also cash funding via parish and district council, county council and of course Gosberton church, other sources and individuals but the pot is now a bit depleted.

We are sensing the need to keep going (albeit in a slightly smaller form) for some time yet, and do consider we need to stop at some point. However we do need some help to keep going at least till Spring 2021 – can you help? A big thank you to those who have already helped.

Food donations can be left at the vicarage or church porch here in Gosberton.

Money donations can be made by cheque to Gosberton Parochial Church Council  or online to  the account Ref 20-80-78  Ac 30446815  (Put Ref Food Bank)

Even if you are not able to help, I hope this post puts you in the picture and that you will share in our gratitude to everyone who is helping.

God bless you all,

Revd. Ian Walters




Agape Care Food-bank is social enterprise project of The Lighthouse Church Spalding.

The vision is to serve the Community by providing emergency food for people in crisis in the Spalding and South Holland area. The project provides a minimum of three days non-perishable emergency food to local people in crisis. All food given out is donated by the local community. It works in partnership with front-line care professionals to identify people in need. The project works with local supermarkets and food factories to give fresh food that can’t be sold to give out to those in need.

Agape Care Café

Every Thursday we provide a café that offers a hot meal for those needing access to the Agape care services and give a limited range of fresh food for people to take home.

Opening times

Tuesday 12.00-14.00
Thursday 12.00-14.00 (including café)

We Care * We Share * We’re there

Coordinator: Irene Davies
Telephone: 07858 692289

Lighthouse Church
10 Haverfield Road
PE11 2XP

Contact: agapecare@live.co.uk



The Cowley and Brown's Foundation Charity (registered charity no. 509995)

The Foundation charity helps anyone under the age of 25 who is a resident or has a parent who is a resident in the parish of Quadring. The Charity aim to help those who require financial aid with regard to;

  • Travel for people in sixth form and/or university; 
  • Books for study for A levels, college and/or university.

An application form, in pdf format, can be found and downloaded below:

Cowley & Brown Foundation Charity education grant form


The Cowley and Brown Charity (registered charity no. 217099)

This arm of the organisation is aimed at those who are in need, hardship or distress. Eligibility for this is as follows;

  • Savings, investments or assets totalling £16,000 or less,
  • Residency in the parish of Quadring.

Applicants would need to be able to prove the above criteria to the trustees. Please download the application form, in pdf, below:

Cowley & Brown Charity financial assistance form

How to apply for help

For all applications, please apply in writing to Mrs Ashley Banks, clerk to the Foundation Charity ,via the following channels: email - abanksatwykes@gmail.com  


ROBERT MARJORUM'S FOUNDATION (registered charity no 527728)

The Foundation will consider giving grants to young students for educational costs. Applicants must live in Gosberton Risegate or Gosberton Clough. Please send your request in writing to:

Mrs F Bristow
Clerk to the Trustees
18 Salem Street
PE11 4NQ

For further information please email: petfoe@aol.com


GOSBERTON RELIEF IN NEED CHARITY (registered charity no 242596)

The objectives of the charity are to 'help relieve any persons resident in the parish of Gosberton who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress by making grants of money or providing or paying for services or facilities calculated to reduce the need, hardship or distress of such persons'.

Click here to download our grant application form.


For further information, please contact:
Mrs Amanda Merz on  07908 258938






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