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I could tell you many things I stand for as a Christian in my ministry but all are in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, which are proven true in all sorts of ways, and which have blessed the human race more than anything else you could ever read or possess. I believe what they say about Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, and the only Saviour of the World. The Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed are both statements of faith I accept. I do believe Jesus has one church only, not lots of “denominations”, and we are all meant to be part of one Holy Catholic Church, as we say in the creed.

Here are some websites of organisations I think are valuable ones to support, and hope that mentioning them here tells you more about my faith and mission.

I care greatly about our freedoms which are being taken away, the moral standards of our nation being removed and the education of young people. (I recommend the new book “Morality” by Lord (Rabbi) Jonathan Sacks – really good reading!) Defending the concept of family and protecting children from immoral education.  A vital charity.  Defending the rights of Christians and promoting Christian views and principles in government and society. (Supported by our MP Sir John Hayes.)

It is an essential part of any Christian’s calling to care for the poor and the persecuted in the world. Jesus certainly promoted this which is linked to God’s love for each and every one of us and wanting us to show that love and care to each other.   World Vision. All major aid charities (e.g.Oxfam) were founded and run by Christians. World Vision is a major one that still is. Samaritan’s Purse is an international charity that particularly helps the young and families. We have supported their Christmas shoebox appeal often via the churches locally.  Barnabas Fund particularly helps persecuted Christians internationally. Today more are being attacked, driven from their homes or killed than ever before.  


I care very much about truth, including the truth that God is the creator, and nothing that is on this planet or elsewhere in the universe just came into being by accident. Many very highly qualified people involved in the sciences are also believers in God and many would say that scientific discoveries have increased their faith in God.  Centre for Intelligent Design  Creation Ministries International  Answers In Genesis

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