Our Purpose & Vision

Our purpose and vision

We exist to worship a loving God, to express that love in Christian Community, to draw people to Jesus, to build them up as his followers and to equip them for service for the good if the world.

We aim to be

  • A people celebrating what God has done in the past and alive to what he wants to do now

  • A people whose worship is marked by thanksgiving and joy for who God is, what he has done and what he has promised to do in the future.

  • A people where the traditional and the new are both valued.

  • A people who equally value the reality of God’s Love, the truth of his Word, and the life in his Spirit.

  • A people whose worship and life is a communal act in which all are involved and who know their need of each other.

We believe

  • That when Jesus said, “Come follow me,” it was an invitation to all, whatever our past, to get our lives in step with the God who made us, who loves us, and who desires the best for each one of us.

  • That it is in responding to Jesus’ invitation to follow him that we become fully alive, fully human, and receive the “full life” he came to bring.

  • That life is not meant to be lived alone, but in community, sharing our lives with others who have responded to the invitation Jesus has made.

  • In the reality of life after this life, of Jesus promise of eternal life to those who have walked with him during their time on earth.

  • That the coming of Jesus was the greatest event since creation

  • That he is coming again soon, and we want to be ready.



Gosberton Group of Churches is part of
The Lincoln Diocesan Trust & Board of Finance Ltd.

Registered charity number 249355

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