A message from our Vicar who has now retired.


I came to Gosberton in late March 2006. My last day in office here will be 3rd October 2021. I notice it’s been common to summarise things in numbers, so thought I’d try it as follows! (All figures estimated!):

  • Sunday services conducted 800
  • School assemblies 280
  • Funerals conducted 403
  • Weddings conducted 62
  • Christenings 124
  • PCC meetings attended 140
  • Appeared on TV 5
  • Flower Festivals 14
  • Local radio 12
  • Emails received 28000+

In 2006 letters were possibly as frequent as emails. 50 years ago, the vicar here would have had many more weddings and christenings and funerals too. A clear statement of change forced upon us by the media. But the above does not tell all the story of what I am called to do. I’ve had a few thousand meetings and conversations, people in trouble helped and supported, and then there’s the vital ministry of prayer too - as a daily discipline. A priority on first getting up in the morning and usually I have over 50 people on my daily prayer list at any time including those who need healing or encouragement. I don’t just believe or feel prayer works as I know it does and certainly believe in miracles which have been evident in my time here. I spend a few minutes praying half-way through a day if time permits and always in the evening too.            

I would have loved to retire amidst happier days for us all. Who would have thought we would have seen churches ordered to be closed and singing banned? At least we are open now and can sing again! And this brings me to something most important for anyone who has faith at this time – do keep praising God! Lamentations is a book of “lamenting” when terrible things had happened in the day of the writer. But even after recalling some of them he says, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul that seeks him.”  Praising God changes everything. It lifts you up, changes you and the world around you. it takes you beyond your trials and releases many things within that heal and empower you! It is not denying realities of the present but accepting the greater things beyond, the reality of eternity which is all God’s. it lifts you out of darkness into light, out of despair into joy, and empowers you to do more than you could alone. That’s what our greatest hymns are about. Praising God is a clear statement of belief in better things and equips you so much more to help bring them about.

Pat and I will not be far away and still wish to keep in touch and support lots of local events when we can, and I will be forever praising God for the blessings of being part of this great community!


Revd Ian Walters
The Vicarage, 6 Wargate Way, Gosberton. PE11 4NH
07803 875638


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The Lincoln Diocesan Trust & Board of Finance Ltd.

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