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We are told everyone will meet the Lord Jesus, whether in this life or the next.  Even those of other faiths or none. For those whose hearts are open to Him, this will be a wonderful moment of joy and love. For even though we are unworthy, He died for our sins to be removed for ever. For others it says death will be a terrifying moment to fear, and to be judged. There is no escape. The New Testament says, “It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.” (Hebrews 10 v31) Advent is a time to prepare for the inevitability of meeting Him.  Ian


Spiritual Well Being as a key to good health and a positive life.  A  daytime series of sessions beginning soon.   Groups of 3 to 8. Phone 840694 for information. 

Remembering those who need help:
If you know of anyone in our community in need of help or who would appreciate  prayers for healing or encouragement, or simply a visit, whatever their circumstances, please contact Ian the Vicar on 840694 or email: vicar(AT - use the usual symbol)



Revd. Ian Walters
The Vicarage
6 Wargate Way
PE11 4NH

Tel 840694

Email vicar(AT - use the usual symbol)

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