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See the gospel reading for this week! For faith to work for you, you have to exercise it – live it! Don’t wait for it to become fashionable or for when all other options have failed. The Canaanite woman came from a community that rejected God and all Jesus stood for. She had dared to be different! Jesus words revealed her deep faith. Once declared and spoken from the heart, Jesus instantly responded and her prayers were answered. All prayers are answered, if they are  genuine, in other words from the heart and about something that is worthy. Everyone who accepts Jesus is worthy, no matter what we have done.  One hundred percent unmovable faith is not required. Few of us have that, but God will take every opportunity to glorify His name (He has no interest in glorifying anyone else’s!) and increase your faith. He loves us beyond anything we can imagine, no matter who we are or how unworthy we may think we are. Ian


Spiritual Well Being as a key to good health and a positive life.  A  daytime series of sessions beginning soon.   Groups of 3 to 8. Phone 840694 for information. 

Remembering those who need help:
If you know of anyone in our community in need of help or who would appreciate  prayers for healing or encouragement, or simply a visit, whatever their circumstances, please contact Ian the Vicar on 840694 or email:



Revd. Ian Walters
The Vicarage
6 Wargate Way
PE11 4NH

Tel 840694


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