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This coming Wednesday – 7th February at 7pm is an open meeting to plan for the forthcoming 10 day Flower Festival. (Everyone welcome – in Gosberton Church Hall) We have a presenter from BBC Lincolnshire coming to open it, and in April there will be a colour feature on our festival (and the Methodist Chapel 5 days) in Lincolnshire Life. Hundreds of local people are involved, and we’ve had thousands of visitors, so its a contender for the biggest and best in the county. It’s our largest community event. We could never create this from a standing start, as  past experience and links between people are needed, plus local skills. It’s like a parable (the stories Jesus told), as it demonstrates how we need the gifts, skills, time, energy and love of people locally, to make it work. (Wed 7pm meeting)  Ian


Spiritual Well Being as a key to good health and a positive life.  A  daytime series of sessions beginning soon.   Groups of 3 to 8. Phone 840694 for information. 

Remembering those who need help:
If you know of anyone in our community in need of help or who would appreciate  prayers for healing or encouragement, or simply a visit, whatever their circumstances, please contact Ian the Vicar on 840694 or email: vicar(AT - use the usual symbol)



Revd. Ian Walters
The Vicarage
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Tel 840694

Email vicar(AT - use the usual symbol)

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