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Do you want God to exist? A friend has written a book which turns questions people ask about faith on their head. He says it’s a good question to ask a doubter, “what evidence would convince you to believe in God?” It is alleged that “even if people doubt, working as if God exists has transformed society and lives for the better”! Evidence for God is all around for those who want to believe, and absent for those who don’t. It’s all to do with the heart. A heart closed firmly to God can never be a truly loving heart, because it does not understand what love really is. It is not “liking” someone or something, it is being prepared to let them into the tenderness of your heart without reservation. Loving God is letting God into your heart in this way, and much more, for it is a spiritual thing too. Ian


“ Forty Reasons to Trust the Bible" is a new book co-authored by Dr Martin Johnson, who often visits Gosberton and is known to some of you. We recommend this book (available on Amazon and from good bookshops) as a thrilling way to discover the Bible!” Click here to read more. Also available from the Vicarage at a discounted price of £10.


Spiritual Well Being as a key to good health and a positive life.  A  daytime series of sessions beginning soon.   Groups of 3 to 8. Phone 840694 for information. 

Remembering those who need help:
If you know of anyone in our community in need of help or who would appreciate  prayers for healing or encouragement, or simply a visit, whatever their circumstances, please contact Ian the Vicar on 840694 or email: vicar(AT - use the usual symbol)



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