Quadring Parish Council minutes

The Parish Council met on Monday 29th April 2019, under the Chairmanship of Coun. M. Clifft.

The parked taxi on the Main Road was still causing problems and the Clerk was to speak to Acorn Taxis.  It was not known whether or not the broken chevron in Watergate had been repaired although the 30 mph sign at the Gosberton side of the village had. The potholes at the Bank Crossroads had not been repaired and the broken toilet was still laying at the side of Quadring Bank. It was thought that the latter would not be picked up as it was probable on private land.

The Police letter stating that there would be less of a presence at Parish Council Meetings was read out, but the Council still needed updating regularly about any problems. Coun Bingham stated that he had reported an incident, but this had not been passed onto the Council.

The Church were asking for a donation of £3000 towards updating the Church, but as the precept had already been set in January, the only money available was the £3000 which the Council donated towards the Churchyard upkeep each year. There were people already helping by replacing gravestones and tidying up.

It was stated that there were people living on site at  the Sarahgate Lane development. No Planning Permission had been granted for this.   Workmen had been parking in the Hall car-park which is not allowed.  There is a broken fire hydrant in Casswell's Drive.

Dropped inspection chambers were causing a nuisance in Towndrove, and the air-raid shelter in Sarahgate Lane was getting broken into regularly, and people are getting injured. There was a need for warning signs at the corners near Burrell's in Towndrove. The Council approved a pay rise for the Clerk and the pay will be reviewed yearly.

The next meeting dates are:


June 10th
July 22nd
September 3rd
November 18th
December 30th


February 3rd

All dates are provisional and could be subject to alteration by prior arrangement.


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