Quadring Parish Council minutes

The Parish Council met on Monday 17th December 2018
under the Chairmanship of Coun. M Clifft.

The dropped kerbs on Main Road had still not been repaired. These were to be reported again.

The Clerk had been in touch with the owner of 76 Main Road, and had been furnished with a plan from the 80's which showed that there was an entrance onto the Allotment roadway. 

The British Legion cheque had been sent and receipt acknowledged. The Council were told that the Donington and Quadring Branch had new people in charge.

The Clerk had met with the Pride in South Holland representative and had agreed with him that alongside the Hall would be cleaned out and the rubbish taken away, the equipment on the Playing Field would be tidied up and painted (the Council would pay for the paint), and also the Salem Burial Site would be cleaned up.

Grit for the icy roads had been delivered but as yet no bill had been received. The bent 30 mph sign on the Gosberton side of the village had been reported. There was a broken chevron in Watergate.

A plan from Crossroads Nurseries was discussed after Coun Bingham declared an interest and left the room. 

Concern was shown regarding the infrastructure of the village, with places at the school at a premium. The SHDC were to be asked, should the plans be passed, to put the money from the 106 system, into the school and the NHS. The letters from Coun Marshall and Coun Hawked were read out. Coun Hawkes thought that there were too many houses on this site, but this was not so.

The precept was set at £7000, £1000 less than last year.

It would cost £150 per pole to have street lights overnight in the village but whole streets would have to be lit. There was some money in the LCC coffers for road repairs, and the Clerk was to ask about having the road from Watergate towards Crane-pit Lane redone.  The road from the School to this needs channelling as much water stands on it.

Please note the following dates for proposed Meetings of the Council, during the coming months. All Meetings will commence at 7.30. p.m.


March 11th
April  29th
June 10th
July 22nd
September 3rd
November 18th
December 30th


February 3rd

All dates are provisional and could be subject to alteration by prior arrangement.


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