Churches in Gosberton

Churches in Gosberton include Baptists, Methodists and Anglicans in all three of our parishes

  • Gosberton Anglicans, St Peter & St Paul Church, Westhorpe Road, Gosberton PE11 4EW
  • Quadring Anglicans, St Margaret's Church, Church End, Quadring PE11 4SQ
  • Gosberton Clough Anglicans, St Hugh & St Gilbert Church, Clough Road, Gosberton Clough PE11 4JR
  • Gosberton Methodists, Salem Street, Gosberton PE11 4NQ
  • Gosberton Clough Methodists, Gosberton Clough, PE11 4JN
  • Gosberton Baptists, Spalding Road, Gosberton PE11 4NP

The committee meet regularly and they also organise quiz nights and beetle drives at The Duke of York in Gosberton Risegate. If you would like to join our team please contact Ian on 840694 or Steve on 840693.

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