Flower Festivals this year

St Peter & St Paul's Church, Gosberton                            
Flower & Craft Festival                                                  

This year our festival took place                                  
Saturday 28th April to Monday 7th May 

Well done to everyone who made flower festival time in the community a great success this year! Visitors said again that Gosberton is the best place to come, and we had visitors from a wide area. Some did far more than we could reasonably expect from them, and we had new helpers this year who really enjoyed themselves. What is a blessing? It is something that is good for us that we receive undeservedly by the grace of God. Having a community event as we do certainly qualifies.


Here are some of the comments we received:

This was our first year in Gosberton and we loved the flower festival. Loved seeing the children's work displayed for all to see and loved meeting the VERY friendly Gosberton residents. Thanks to everyone for your hard work and time x

Was very impressed first visit this year.

This was our second year having our iron work in the church and everyone has made us feel so welcome, we have thoroughly enjoyed it and are looking forward to next year xx

Everything as wonderful as ever, very impressive again.

Can I just add that everyone concerned with this event gives up so much of their time and works with so much commitment throughout not just the event but also the before and afters. I for one greatly appreciate this. 


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Volunteer Request - Do you live locally?
Would you like to help at next years Flower Festival?