Gosberton Womens Institute

Gosberton WI meets on the second Tuesday of every month (except August)
at the Public Hall Gosberton, starting at 7.15 pm. 

We have a brief business meeting, discuss outings & invitations etc, acknowledge birthdays and special event. Then we welcome the speaker. We try to bring a variety to our meetings and in the past we have heard speakers on subjects as viverse as "Life in the circus" and "Prince Charles' wedding cake".

For details of membership fees, please contact Eileen, details below. 

President Christine Clark welcomed members of Gosberton WI to the first meeting of the year at the Public Hall.  The record of the December meeting was read out.  There were no new items of news, but reminders of the Spring Council Meeting and the trip to the Harrogate Flower Show. 

Members were asked if they wanted to have a stall at the Village Fair, planned for June.  No speaker had been booked for this meeting - instead, some members recited their favourite poem, while others provided a favourite pudding for the buffet.  All the poems and all the puddings were well enjoyed by members.

Jill Fitzjohn was the lucky raffle winner.  After refreshments, several games of bingo were played to round off a very enjoyable evening. 

Next month, the WI meets on Tuesday 13th February when we will be hearing some "True stories of a lorry driver and furniture removal man."  

Visitors are welcome, (£3.50) and if anyone wanting more information can call the secretary, Eileen Johnson on 01775 750553 or email   eileenej23(AT - use the usual symbol)aol.com

You can also click on the link below which will take you to the main WI website.


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